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The mission of the Crescent City Family Services Parent Reward Program is to promote, support and reward active program participants that earn points for working on their goals. You can redeem your points in the program for items that you and your baby need.


You MUST be an active participant at Crescent City Family Services: Healthy Start Program. That means:


  • You meet with your case manager regularly

  • Classes on site

  • You attend Prenatal Education classes

  • You attend doctors visits and follow up on referrals

  • You attend Healthy Start special events such as health fairs, support groups and other activities

  • You ensure your child's "well baby" appointments are kept and shots are up to date

  • You participate in activities that will enhance your life (ex: finishing school, getting a job and other activities listed in your PRC Booklet)

Diapers, Clothing, Hygiene Products & More

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